Pulse of Harmonics Tour = Now Booking!


TeamVSR: Pulse of Harmonics Tour

Max takes this project on the road for a few select “warmup” dates in the midwest:

Sept.12 – The Hub – Cedar Falls, IA

Sept.14 – The Electric Earth Cafe – Madison, WI

Rehearsals are slated in Chicago for these dates.

Joining him on this leg of the tour are:

Jc Stokes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliuscstokes

Jc is a master vocalist, and adds a new dimension to the material live. Coming from an old hardcore past himself (Chicago’s : Dope) his understanding of the mixture of elements is a perfect addition.

Cornelius Boon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cornelius.boon.7

Cornelius and Max worked together in the past (13mg / The Final Cut) and is a welcomed addition to the lineup. Boon’s past is riddled with different genres, taking pieces from each, and creating a new sound and style to pretty much everything he touches.