Team VSR are paving their own way in aggressive electronic music today conjuring up comparisons to Atari Teenage Riot, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Deadmou5e and so many other electronic artists out there making a name for themselves creating in your face beats and bass so low only your dog and your bowels can tell the difference. Team VSR are not copy cats though, Max Edgin began mixing elements of drum & bass, old hardcore tunes, early mashups,etc. that led to this formulain 1995. After working with Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) on some demo’s for another project (13mg), he began manipulating loops and synthesizers through hi gain guitar stacks, turning the fury of rhythms into something new. These tracks were inspired by those sessions a year later, working on a set of demos for DHR (Digital Hardcore Recordings).

The live performances are more exercises in aggression release than glow sticks and pacifiers. Playing their songs through guitar amps and creating walls of sound that only Phil Spector could have dreamt of in his studio, Team VSR take electronic music to a new level, a level of visceral appeal and catharsis unlike anything experienced outside of the metal genre and definitely not felt in electronic music in general.